Our Artisans 

Unique Handmade Crafts

BG Arts features crafts handmade by local Burke's Garden residents, as well as those who reside over the mountain in the Southern Appalachian region. The handmade crafts include quilts, pottery, home décor, paintings, jewelry, cards, knick-knacks, soaps, lotion, woodworking, furniture, barn quilts, textiles, ceramics and chainsaw art.


2021 Members

Robin Abel - Crocheted Crafts 

Johnsie Beck - Paintings

John & Lori Blackburn - Horseshoe Art, Knitted Crafts

Nancy Greever Brooks - Sculptured Figures, Fixed Glass, Polymer

Sharon Brown - Quilts, Jewelry

Nancy Clapsaddle - Ceramics

Sarah Emrich - Acrylic Paintings

Eunice Graham - Paintings, Mixed Media Jewelry, Wood Crafts

Lee Greever - Photography, Ceramics

Jon Hall - Homemade Bar-B-Q Sauce

Kimberly Hall - Dish Soap Sleeves, ABC Book, Hobby Horses

Jan and Pete Hildebrand - Textiles, Woodworking

Kathy Hill - Jewelry

Sue Melkowski - Paintings, Cards, Magnets, Cork Crafts

Nancy Moss - Fancy Bows, Inspirational Crafts

Cindy Nicholson - Hand Dyed Textiles, Pillows

Doris Peters - Watercolor Paintings, Magnets

Donna Rhudy - Fabric Bowls, Quilted Crafts

Sharon Rhudy - Quilts, Table Runners, Quilted Crafts

Robin and JR Riddle - Hand Crafted Pottery, Chainsaw Art

Marcia and Robin Roberts - Paintings, Textiles

Tim Romano - Woodworking Crafts and Furniture

Mary Talbott - Watercolor Paintings, Woven Paintings, Barn Quilt Signs

Charlotte Whitted - Paintings, Crocheted Crafts

Ernest Weber - Woodworking Crafts